Casa Muro

A duplicated stonewall, one on each side, visually merges two isolated houses into one. A patio was built as an entry hall in each house in order to create unity between both houses. This patio also offers shelter against the strong northern winds during the winter season.


Casa Bancal

The idea of burying this house came from the location which has terraces every six meters which integrate the 3 level house with an additional green roof. The back of the house that is contact with the terrain, includes a vertical axis with a staircase and elevator, and on its extremes two light patios that light up the house on its darkest part. This way, the distribution of the house can be organized in 3 different levels: garage, common areas and rest areas.


Passiv House

This project is situated on top of a hill. The idea was to integrate the project with the landscape of the terrain in a way that the house would almost be invisible to the naked eye. The semiburied implantation of the construction and the green roof that respects the natural surroundings, makes this idea possible.


Monte de Oro

Refurbishment project of 150 m2 in a residencial neighbor of the 80’s. It extends a central space in a open space with kitchen-dining-living room.


Orient Apartments

Rehabilitation of a 1880 building, creating 4 apartments and 2 lofts. Respecting the old character of the building, the project adapts to contemporary necessities. Almost all the furniture (tables, sinks…) is made with old wood beams that were recycled from the old roof of the building.


Casa Pedra

This project arises through the relation of 3 volumes. The intersection of those volumes through roofs with water create an union of two inverted waters
This intention allows the house to have a more contemporary feel within the rural environment. The wall treatment using local stone helps the house to integrate in the landscape. Some tapial walls help frame the patios and pergolas serve as garages.


Casa Llum

Mallorca, 2018-2019



Casa Fondo


Mallorca 2019-2020